Work, Health, Safety and Environment (WHSE) Policy

Work, Health, Safety and Environment (WHSE) Policy 

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The Linfox Armaguard Group values the health and safety of all team members, visitors, contractors and any other person affected by its business activities and is committed to protecting the environment through sustainable work practices.

Our commitment 

Our philosophy is to promote and embed health, safety and sustainability through the implementation of the ARMACARE program.  
ARMACARE aims to achieve this goal through strong leadership, a positive health, safety and environmental (WHSE) culture, and through engaging all team members, visitors and contractors to incorporate WHSE principles and practices into every activity, every day.   

The Linfox Armaguard Group strives for continuous improvement through:

  • A positive WHSE culture driven by managers who lead by example
  • Empowering all team members to raise WHSE concerns without hesitation
  • Addressing WHSE issues and managing risk through a consultative process with our team members
  • Setting measurable objectives which drive continuous improvement of WHSE performance; including injury reduction and sustainable business practices
  • Conducting regular reviews of our performance against established WHSE key performance indicators
  • Maintaining and improving a robust and effective WHSE Management System compliant with all relevant WHSE legislation, regulations, codes of practice and national standards
  • Ensuring all team members, contractors and visitors receive appropriate information; instruction, training and supervision to perform their duties safely
  • Recognising and promoting WHSE achievements
  • Effectively implementing this Policy by ensuring all team members, visitors and contractors are familiar with the Policy and it is prominently displayed in all Linfox Armaguard Group locations
  • Working collaboratively with our suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to reduce environmental impact
  • Establishing procurement guidelines that consider life-cycle analysis and encourage the purchase of reusable, recycled and environmentally friendly products
  • Ensuring that our business practices are developed with a focus on the minimisation of the Linfox Armaguard Group’s environmental footprint.  

Responsibilities for achieving our ARMACARE goals include: 

  • Managers and supervisors always addressing hazardous conditions or practices in a timely manner
  • Every manager and team member being individually accountable for promoting a ‘walk-the-talk’ commitment to WHSE every day
  • Team members always working safely, reporting all hazards and incidents and following Linfox Armaguard Group’s WHSE policies and procedures. 

This Policy will be communicated to all our team members, visitors and contractors and be made available to other stakeholders on request in order to promote and encourage wider adoption of our commitment to health, safety and environmental sustainability. 

Mick Cronin
Chief Executive Officer
Linfox Armaguard Group